Bridging & Finance Loans

If business owners can resort to a cash flow loan when their funds fall short, property owners resort to bridging loans. Not just property owners, landlords, property developers and anyone who needs quick money would be familiar with this type of loan.

As their name implies, a bridging loan “bridges” the gap between two payments for a property. Most of the time, a bridging loan is usually chosen to pay off debt while waiting for a more mainstream credit or income to cover the cost. Other times, they are used to reinforce existing loans for the property or function as any short-term loan.

A Bridging Loan is a short-term loan and there are many types of bridging loans to avail.

These are:

  • Development/property bridging loans
  • Auction purchase bridging loans
  • Finance for light and heavy refurbishments
  • Business loans
  • Mezzanine financing

What makes mezzanine financing or loan different is that it is not secured by a property. Rather, it is secured by ownership in a company that owns the property. This is the set-up for many borrowers who need more money compared to what other bridging loans can give, so they use interest in a company as their collateral.

N & T Consultants can help you if you’re looking for a cost effective Commercial bridging loan.

Our team will speak with you to understand what your business requires and aim to give you a written decision in principle (DIP) quickly, to enable you to find out what funds are available to your business at no cost, no obligation.

As part of our continued commitment and dedication we will assist in the whole process from A to Z, right through to the exit strategy – paying off the bridge.

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